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Foods Affect the Heart

Published: January 1, 2009

Have any studies shown that certain foods might contribute to irregular heart rhythms? My doctor told me to avoid all sources of caffeine, and that helped to reduce my “missed” beats. Over the years, I have noticed that several foods seem to cause an increase in my irregular heartbeats. Fresh apples, of all things, appear to be one—along with others.

Yes, many foods like caffeine and alcohol can cause irregular heartbeats. Sometimes swallowing, coughing, or an upset stomach can also set off palpitations. Some energy drinks have ingredients that can affect the heart. It seems you are sensitive to a variety of stimuli, so the best thing to do is avoid them.

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  • Elizabeth

    I have experienced palpitations from caffeine so have learned to not consume too much caffeine (I love my tea!). So, when palpitations began Sunday night I was surprised and immediately cut back on the tea. By Wednesday morning, no palpitations and I think things are looking up. I enjoy a fresh apple for a snack (it being October, I had bought bagsful of fresh apples and had been eating one every day since Sunday) and immediately my heart starts to flutter and pound out of my chest. The “apple a day” was the only differing constant since the palpitations started. It appears this also affects others. Does cooking them alter the apples affect on the heart?