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Published: January 1, 2009

Tips from the Kitchen Getting Garlic Smell off of Your Fingers

Three words: salt, lemon, steel. One way to remove the odor is to rub salt on your fingers. The salt will absorb the odor, and then you can rinse the salt away with hot soapy water. Or, rub lemon juice on your hands or rub your garlicky digits on anything made of stainless steel. Give your faucet a little good-luck rub and see if it does the trick. To be safe, do all three. These tricks work for onions, too.

To Keep Eggshell Fragments Out of Egg White

Crack the egg on a flat surface, such as the counter instead of on the rim of a bowl. It works. If you somehow still manage to get a shell fragment in with the egg, scoop the little piece out with one of the halves of the shell. The thin, curved shell is a natural shell-fragment retriever—much better than your finger or a spoon. You will never make a crunchy muffin or omelet again—unless, of course, you plan it that way.

From The Spectrum, by Dean Ornish, M.D.

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