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Coughing Home Remedies

Published: February 11, 2009

Dear Dr. SerVaas,

My problem is that I cannot get the mucus up so that I can expel it. Several cough syrups, drops, expectorants, and mucus-relief tablets have not helped me. This problem lasts several hours and sometimes all day. Could it be connected to my sinus drainage that I have had all my life? Thanks for any help you may provide.

The Saturday Evening Post is my favorite publication and the first thing I read is Medical Mailbox.


As you suggest, coughs may be triggered by sinus drainage and postnasal drip. Mucus tends to get thicker (and more bothersome) as people age. Some find relief by running a humidifier by a favorite chair.

Sipping warm soup or tea may be an effective and delicious remedy, too. You might also want to consider whether an allergy to dairy products or other foods may be causing chronic sinus drainage and coughing spells.

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