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Published: February 12, 2009

Scanning through the movie listings in the newspaper, I never would have put Slumdog Millionaire on my must-see list. Just one of the many lessons I was reminded of during this movie: Don’t judge a film by its title. It was excellent.

An inspirational tale about a young boy from the slums of Mumbai who innocently practices the virtues of honesty, loyalty, faith, and following your heart — all the while facing one disturbing hardship after another. Of the myriad layers of lessons unfolded in this tale, I was reminded of yet another virtue, and one I don’t practice often enough — gratitude.

The backdrop for this story alone is a reminder of the culture clash between the average lifestyle of an American and the life of an orphan struggling to survive on the streets among the strong grips of poverty and hostility.

It’s a given that we all face tough times, but let’s be honest, things could usually be worse.

Whenever I find myself up against a personal hardship, I find it helps to remind myself of all that I’m grateful for. Try it. You might be surprised to learn the list is longer than you think.

What is it that you’re grateful for?

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  • Kathy

    Thanks for the information I would have never have considered going to a movie with such a name you are so informative.
    I love your articles!