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Views from the Kitchen

Published: February 13, 2009

Recent storms dumped about a foot of snow at my home. And as I looked from the kitchen window out to the backyard, I was suddenly saddened by the view. Why? Because at one time in my family’s life, that smooth expanse of glistening ice crystals would have been thoroughly crisscrossed by five pairs of snow boots worn by my kids as they fashioned snow people, built snow caves, threw snowballs, and created snow angels. Seeing all that undisturbed snow was, well, disturbing!

Fast forward to Sunday evening. And as I looked from the kitchen into the dining room, the view triggered a wonderful response — one of gratitude, love, and hope. Several years ago my husband and I heard about friends who gather their clan for a shared meal each Sunday. Now, as busy schedules allow, an assortment of our daughters, sons, and grandchildren fill the dining room chairs. Each week we talk, plan, reminisce, hash over life’s challenges, and enjoy time together in a way that phone calls, e-mails, and text messages cannot duplicate.

Like the views from my kitchen, life’s transitions can be disturbing and full of promise. So I’m going to cherish that view into the dining room.

And when the next snow falls, I just might go out and make my own angel!

How do you stay connected to loved ones?

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  • Randi

    I’m sure your children appreciate the family time as well…sometimes I think growing up can be as difficult on the children as it is on the parents! Great idea Wendy! Oh and just wait until you look out and see a million grandkids playing in the snow!