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A Real Eye-Opener

Published: February 19, 2009

Blame it on growing up with four brothers. Or just a dismally low beauty IQ. Whatever the reason, I always seem to be in the dark about skin creams, hair gels, and makeup tips. I’ve never colored my hair and still wash my face with soap and water each morning. But now, thanks to my favorite hair stylist, my eyebrows are oh-so-beautiful!

Of course, my brows had never been tweezed, threaded, or otherwise mistreated, so I was a bit unnerved when Rita offered a free brow wax at my next appointment.

It happened so fast!

“It’s a great way to open the eye area,” Rita said calmly as she smoothed aloe over my new brows, adding that the simple treatment makes a big difference for little expense. And I have to agree.

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  • Mona

    I have worried so much about my dark spots that seem to be appearing on my face I never thought about my eyebrows. Will have to think about this……….

  • Margaret

    I too have started having my eye brows done and rather enjoy the results. Have you had a pedicure? I was introduced to that a few years ago and just love them! :)

  • Betsy

    I have never had my eye-brows done either! I am the master of hair gels make up and skin creams but the thought of someone yanking hair out of my face really freaks me out. Since it seemed to be a good experience for you I might just try it out! I’ve heard that once you do it one time you’ll want to do it all the time!