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Can You Tell Me How to Get to the Farmers’ Market?

Published: February 26, 2009

Going against the flock, I recently moved from sunny Naples, Florida, to the frigid Midwest, and not a day shy of winter. My acclimation to the weather, however, was not nearly as challenging as not knowing my way around. I miss the familiarity of all the local hangouts, family-owned businesses, and especially the Saturday morning Farmers’ Market.

I was reminded of my weekly ritual by The Saturday Evening Post’s article on green-living expert Sara Snow in the Mar. /Apr. 2009 issue. I wondered if there were any markets in my new neighborhood. After a little research, I found a helpful Web site, localharvest.org, listing not only farmers’ markets but also community supported agricultures (which, to be honest, I had never heard of until I read the article). I found that the farmers’ markets in my area don’t open until May, but there are certainly plenty of regions—Naples, Florida included—with fall/winter markets.

If you know of another resource or would like to share a favorite farmers’ market product or recipe, we’d love to hear about it.

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  • Betsy

    Good news! Indy has winter Farmer’s Markets. I know of at least two and there may be others. One is located around 30th and College. I believe there is also one in the barn across from the State Fair grounds.

  • Lori

    The farmer’s market is not hard to come by in Chicago come May. There are markets in every neighborhood multiple times a week. The local restaurants really embrace this and often use fresh ingredients bought at these markets. MOVE TO CHICAGO!!!! We’d love to have you!

  • Kathy

    The Farmers’ Market is truly an amazing experience. What you eat is a reflection of your health and energy level. Eating Stemmed fresh veggies and eating an apple or enjoying a bowl of fresh berries is a wonderful meal. I can remember getting 12 ears of sweet corn for a $1.00 in the midwest and oh how wonderful that was! Spring and summer will come soon and you’ll be enjoying your farmers’ market once again!

  • Ed Ray

    I learned about eating fresh vegetables from my daughter. She is very health conscious and rarely puts anything in her mouth that is not healthy. I used to think it was boring until I tasted a fresh pepper not cooked just plain raw rinsed then popped into my mouth. It tasted wonderful! I realized that eating healthy is not only good for maintaining the body but refreshing to the taste buds as well. If you have not tried it please do so and you will be pleasantly surprised as I was.

  • Angie

    A good farmer’s market is hard to come by. Great blog and beautiful pics to go along…makes me want spring to come sooner than I expect it will!