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A Heartfelt Thank You

Published: March 1, 2009

Dear Dr. SerVaas,

In your November/December 2008 issue I happened to read that leg and hand spasms could be caused by the cholesterol medicines. I had been having such severe pains that I would have to pull over in traffic because I was afraid to drive with them. I tried eating bananas and all the other things people said would help to no avail.

I showed the article to my doctor who took me off of the cholesterol meds. In the next two weeks, I had the beginnings of spasms, but they never got full-fledged. I am now free of the spasms and am greatly appreciative of that paragraph in From the Pharmacy. A heartfelt thank you!


You’re welcome! Thanks for writing. It’s important to keep cholesterol in check so please consider discussing your lipid levels and necessary therapy options with your doctor.

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  • Donna Hicks

    Would anyone know anything about what these symptoms mean? I feel like something is coming up in my throat and then my right arm goes numb. I have had heart-stress tests, an upper scope and the doctors say they can’t find anything. I feel like it is something to do with acid reflux but why would my arm go numb? I have gotten dizzy with this a few times but yet feel like something is coming up in my throat. Please let me know if anyone has had these symptoms.