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Retirement on the Rise

Published: March 1, 2009

“Retirement age just isn’t what it used to be,” states the article Retirement Age: 65 and Rising in the Mar./Apr. 2009 issue of The Saturday Evening Post. “Roughly 6.1 million people age 65 or older are in the work force today, compared to 3.8 million 10 years ago.”

Many factors play into why the retirement age is on the rise — from shrinking investments and increasing cost of living to the earnest desire to … well, work!

Almost 60 years ago, the Post featured the article Are We Retiring People Too Early? which states: “The surprising achievements of older people who have beaten the ‘retirement blues’ by going back to work have created a new set of second careers for our most experienced workers.”

While addressing fiscal concerns, the story also tackles the issue of quality of life.

“Perhaps even more important than the question of money is the question of morale. Some people are ready for retirement and seem to enjoy it. Other are not.”

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