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Spring Fever

Published: March 9, 2009

It’s 50 degrees today, but here in Indianapolis the winter weather has a way of rearing its dreary head through March and into April. That’s a long ways off, and I’m looking for a fun indoor project to hold back a very bad case of spring fever. I’m up for about anything that comes with good directions and doesn’t require any creativity on my part.

I really like the basic (and low-budget) decorating ideas and tips at www.homedecoratingsense.com. Hmm, maybe it’s finally time to do something with the upstairs bathroom; the one that features silverish swirls on blackish wallpaper and a Hollywood-style light fixture complete with glaring round bulbs!

I’ll keep you posted on that possible endeavor. What project are you planning or currently working on?

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  • Betsy

    My plan is to first donate all the clothes I never wear anymore to give myself more closet space and then I was trying to think of a fun project. . .and thought some more. . .and couldn’t come up with anything so I went and got my eye-brows waxed instead! You were right small change that makes a HUGE difference!