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Silly Celebrations

Published: March 11, 2009

Today marks my half-birthday, and I just might indulge in half of a piece of cake and make half of a birthday wish!

When I told one of my classmates of my special day, she said: “You can’t celebrate your half-birthday. Today is my full birthday!”

I’m sure her party-pooper spirit was purely protecting her birthday spotlight. But I’ve always enjoyed birthday celebrations, my own and others, because each age offers the promise of reinvention.

I often think of writing a list of things I want to accomplish before turning a year older, but that list is usually compiled days before that birthday, not affording much time for completion! I put a lot of stock in blowing out the candles and making a birthday wish. I consider it one of my best chances to be fulfilled by the wish fairies, right up there with wishing on a shooting star! Thus, deep thought and consideration goes into my once-a-year opportunity to make a dream come true!

I have friends who celebrate nonsensical holidays or celebrations that nonetheless provide a reason to get together and have a good time. And even Seinfeld touted the positive attributes of “Festivus for the rest of us!

I believe that there are infinite opportunities to celebrate, and the more we do, the more uplifting, cheerful, and enjoyable our lives will be.

Have you invented a holiday or thrown a party with an original theme?

Do you reserve celebration for typical holidays and birthdays, or do you indulge more frequently?

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