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A Grandma’s Love

Published: March 16, 2009

Six hours into the 500-mile trek home from Chippewa Falls where we had expressed our condolences and support to relatives mourning the loss of their beloved grandfather, my cell phone rang.

“It’s a boy!” exclaimed our daughter. She was also on her way home—but from an ultrasound exam of the newest member of our family, one with an expected birth date in late July.

We’ve been learning how to be grandparents for 2 ½ years now. For me, it’s a new kind of love with a different sense of responsibility. Not deeper, not better, but perhaps a more full-fledged one that seems to come from being older (for sure) and wiser (potentially, anyway).

Our first grandson will change our world in wonderful ways, just like his sister does. I’m eagerly anticipating the smell of his skin and the sight of his tiny fingers and toes.

But I need your help:

If you are a grandparent, I’d love to hear about the hopes and dreams you have for your grandchildren and the fun times you have together.

And if you’ve had a special grandparent or older adult in your life, tell me about it! What did you learn from him or her?

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  • Mona

    I have found that having a grandson in my life has definately brought me joy!!! They are so inocent!!!!! Like Wendy I enjoy him so much when I can hold him and rock him and hum christian songs to him. I want him to know who we are!!! To have that inocence around me just makes me feel so safe. I definately can’t wait to enjoy him more as the summer nears.

  • Lizzy Leigh

    Everyday I sit at my computer with a few pictures surrounding me; my late Grandpa from my Dad’s side with me on his lap as I play with a toy I don’t remember another picture of my Grandmother and my Mother at my sister’s wedding and a picture of my Grandfather from my Mom’s side posing for the camera as I was most certaintly wearing my favorite dress.
    The only picture I *really* remember is the picture of my Mom and my Grandma but I’ve always held all the pictures as equals. My grandparents on both sides made my parents – who are two of the most loving caring and giving parents I could have ever asked for in my life. For that I’m eternally grateful and can only hope that someday I will get the chance to be a great parent like they have always been.
    I’ve learned much from all of them but the most important are: Love deeply
    believe in yourself and God will always find a way
    you’re never alone
    Most importantly — you are loved…which goes such a long long way when the rest of the world just doesn’t seem right.

  • Robin

    As a child growing up I’ll always remember the trips to Tennessee to visit my grandparents. They welcomed us with an assortment of homemade goodies and cooked down-home meals using freshly picked vegetables from their garden. These occasions taught me the importance of bringing family together and cherishing the moments that will forever nourish your soul.