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There’s Spring in the Air

Published: April 1, 2009

And a spring in my step, too. Living in the Midwest offers the opportunity to watch, hear, and even smell the seasons as they change. It gives us the chance to look forward to the upcoming weather, too. Along with its fair share of rain, Spring brings sunshine and warmer temperatures. Familiar sounds of birds chirping, children playing outdoors, and dogs barking remind us that we’ll soon see flowers bloom and leaves fill the trees. Aromas of outdoor grilling, fresh rainfall, and fragrant gardens compel us to step out of our winter hibernation and into the gifts of the spring.

Some look forward to a break from school, a chance to set the clocks forward, celebrate Easter, or simply tend to gardens. But for everyone, the changing of seasons provides a time for rejuvenation and a fresh perspective—with nature as our guide.

What do you enjoy about the springtime? Tell us about your specific chores, activities, or routines for this season.

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