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The Wheat-Free Way

Published: April 10, 2009

Bye-Bye Bagel; You Will Be Missed

Have you ever felt sick, nauseous, and bloated immediately after eating? How about every time you eat?

A friend of mine recently identified the culprit behind her ongoing digestive problems and upset stomach: wheat—a truly sorrowful discovery as her favorite foods include pizza, bagels, and pita bread.

Medications can reduce signs and symptoms, but the only way to prevent a reaction is to avoid wheat altogether. In addition to sacrificing her favorite foods, now she must proceed with caution when dining out. While it seems like it would be an easy thing to avoid, wheat sneaks its way into the most unsuspecting ingredients: food thickeners, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, natural flavorings, soy sauce, meat substitutes, and the list goes on. Even certain types of hot dogs, ice cream, sauces, and soups can contain wheat.

As we cruised up and down the aisles of a local health food store, we found some “ok-tasting” (and pricey) options, but I’d love to find a few tasty wheat-free recipes or ready-made treats for our next gathering. If you know of any, please share your secrets. After all, it would be rude of me to continue to eat Thin Mints in front of her.

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  • "flower" Burns

    For something really sweet, light and delicious for the occasional sweet-tooth, I like meringue kisses from Trader Joe’s. They are sinfully delicious and pretty, too.

  • Leigh Renee

    Eat Vegetables, peas, beans, rice, nuts, raisins, strawberries, raspberries and blackstrap molasses. A tasty dinner is lemon chicken(baked) with strawberries and avocados served over basmati or yellow rice.

  • Leigh Vecchio

    I find corn products to be tasty. For example, instead of wheat tortillas I use corn. Fill them with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and cheese. Ezekial bread sold in grocery stores is good and wheat free. Also, I make cookies and treats with spelt flour. I sometimes use a large lettuce leaf as “bread” Enjoy!

  • Linda Burns

    I have found several gluten-free products at my local whole foods or health food markets including ready-made chocolate walnut cookies…a favorite snack treat great for a social gathering. They come in a bag and are listed as flourless and produced by Trader Joe’s. The taste is that of black walnuts and very delicious!
    Fresh and Easy has some wonderful gluten free pretzels.