Easter Madness

Published: April 11, 2009

Come Sunday, April 12, 2009, Easter takes Manhattan as hundreds crowd the famed Fifth Avenue in New York City for a parade unlike any other. From whimsical costumes to haute couture, New Yorkers strut the streets in what may appear as a fashion-driven frenzy. The history of the parade dates back to the mid-1800s, when churchgoers would take to Fifth Avenue like a Paris fashion show runway after morning services. Locals would gather along the avenue to admire their latest attire.

Nearly 200 years later, not much has changed as one wouldn’t be surprised to see live birds nest bonnets and pets dressed to the nines.

In the April, 9 1955, issue of The Saturday Evening Post, writer Rufus Jarman explores the parade’s fanciful behavior in “Manhattan’s Easter Madness.”

“Each year a million people—most of them neither churchgoes nor New Yorkers—mob Fifth Avenue for the Easter Parade,” reads the article.

Page 1 of "Manhattan's Easter Madness"

Page 1 of “Manhattan’s Easter Madness”

Page 2 of "Manhattan's Easter Madness"

Page 2 of “Manhattan’s Easter Madness”

Page 3 of "Manhattan's Easter Madness"

Page 3 of “Manhattan’s Easter Madness”

A Savings and Loan ad found at the end of "Manhattan's Easter Madness"

Page 4 of “Manhattan’s Easter Madness”; Period Savings & Loan Advertisement

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  • Kathy

    What a delightful story. It is so remearkable to learn the history of events as well. You hear about the Easter Parade , but not really knowing the origin or background. Thanks for all the wonderful information.