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Happy Holy Days!

Published: April 13, 2009

Walking down a grocery store aisle filled with bags and boxes of Easter goodies, I overheard a teenager say to her older companion, “What is Easter all about, anyway?”

The woman’s response was not what I expected. “I don’t know,” she shrugged.

I wish I could say that I turned back to the pair and offered some sort of explanation. But I was already headed down another aisle, and although I kept looking for them, our paths didn’t cross again.

This year, the eight-day Jewish Passover coincides with the Christian celebration of Easter. My Christian faith tradition is rich in symbols, sights, sounds, and smells. And that means that I spend a lot of time in church as we journey through Holy Week and into the Easter season.

Passover is called the Festival of Freedom and Redemption. To me, Easter brings the promise of hope and renewal. I hope those two shoppers will come to know the power of these Holy Days, too.

Let’s celebrate!

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  • Kevin

    This happens to me quite a bit. Walking around the grocery store, or anywhere for that matter, and overhear something or see something that warranted a reaction, but received none from me. Then all you do is look back and think about what should have been said, but everything is a lesson right?

    It won’t happen the next time!!!