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Four Steps to Healthier Skin

Published: April 17, 2009

The real culprit behind most facial wrinkles, spots, and blotches is not aging- it’s overexposure to the sun. Here are some Living Well tips from New York City dermatologist and educational spokesperson for The Skin Cancer Foundation, Dr. Deborah S. Sarnoff:

Protect – Always apply sunscreen.
Exfoliate – Use a loofah, scrub, or alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) cleanser.
Bleach The Brown – Consider a product that contains kojic acid, hydroquinone, Retin-A, and a mild steroid cream.
Hydrate – Choose a moisturizing cream with AHAs or a facial serum with hyaluronic acid to plump up dry skin around the eyes and help boost collagen formation.

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  • M. Rennie

    Could you please discuss help for seborrheic warts?

  • Liz Robledo

    I’m interested in knowing where I can purchase the items for healthier skin.
    Thank you!!!