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Steeplechase for Two

Published: May 2, 2009

Steeplechase for Two written by Ruth Burr Sanborn and illustrated by J. Louis Lundean was published in the October 22, 1938 issue. This heart-racing love story tells the tale of Gusty and Dune as they face the pressures of life on the racetrack. Will Gusty ever recover from the tragedies she witnessed at Pride’s Cross, or will Dune be forced to choose between his passion for the dangerous and sometimes deadly sport of steeplechasing and his devotion to Gusty’s worried heart?

"Steeplechase for Two" Page 1

“Steeplechase for Two” Page 1

"Steeplechase for Two" Page 2

“Steeplechase for Two” Page 2

"Steeplechase for Two" Page 3

“Steeplechase for Two” Page 3

"Steeplechase for Two" Page 4

“Steeplechase for Two” Page 4

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