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Radical Response

Published: May 5, 2009

Radical Response
In response to your solicitation of stories about how citizens in my area are reacting to the current economic cries [May/June issue, “America, We Can Make It!” (From the Publisher)] I submit the following: Our city, being somewhat remote, always lags greatly behind the teeming financial centers of the east and west coasts and the manufacturing and industrial metropolises of the Midwest.

Nevertheless, a goodly number of people are showing a growing restiveness due to what they feel is sure to be an unhealthy increase in the tax burden required to inaugurate and sustain the programs our government has proposed. A significant number of citizens did join in attending one of the “tea parties” occurring around the country on or about April 15th.

I, probably along with many others, am reminded of what the founder of your great magazine predicted about the life of our Republic, saying it would last until we spent ourselves into bankruptcy. I have asked, “At what point are we now?”

Methinks we once again need some “radical” medicine to rid ourselves of a grave illness. If we would replace our current, hideously complex method of raising federal revenue which has driven many businesses to more favorable tax locations offshore, with a simple and transparent consumption tax, we would be setting a cornerstone for bringing back our businesses and restoring our economy and our nation to preeminence. Yes, we can do it. Will we?

Harding C. “Gabby” Hays
El Paso, Texas