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Classic Covers: America the Beautiful

Published: June 29, 2009

Nature has spread for us a rich and delightful banquet. We are still in Eden,” said Thomas Cole, the first great American landscape painter. Post artists have taken stock in that Edenic scenario. They’ve captured the grandeur of mountain majesties and the fruits of the fruited plains, and they haven’t forgotten the amber waves of grain or the diamond deserts, either.

But things aren’t always hunky-dory in paradise — especially when you are counting on it to be that way. The tent you and the family set up to enjoy the forest primeval can have a mind of its own. A little lightning can crash a delightful beach party, and that gorgeous ocean view can come too close for comfort. Our roaming artists have captured these scenes and more, as they portray the natural wonders of traveling America. We invite you to grab some sunscreen and mosquito spray and come along for the ride!

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  • Steve M

    Great July/ August cover! Please identify the artist. Thanks so much. Steve NYC

  • Jesuit

    Clymer’s “Rocky Mountain Fly Fishing” reminds me of the time I went fly fishing with a guy who brought along a Maxwell House can full of worms.
    When I asked him what he planned on doing with such inappropriate bait, he replied that the worms weren’t bait; they were food. And he would soon eat them–so he could better think like a fish.