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Munro Shoes

Published: June 29, 2009

[Re: "Munro Shoes: Made in America," May/June issue]

I am a former employee in the shoe business (Arthur Beren Shoes, seven years and Salvatore Ferragamo, nine years). They never gave up on quality
or materials to cheapen the price. It is refreshing to see one American company with the same mind-set. In the 1980s everyone was saying we have to go overseas to compete, and none of them are still around. Good for them to stay strong on the mind-set.
Randal Penrod
McKinney, Texas

What a testimony! Can you imagine how much better our manufacturing economy would be if our American workers could have had those thousands of jobs?
Most of us are now looking for clothing and shoes that are made true to size and do not lose shape after one use. Munro, we are proud of you and wish you continued success.
M. Stark
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  • joe

    Remember, the majority of Red Wing Shoes are also Made In America.