Published: June 29, 2009

[Re: "Pillow Talk," May/June issue]

Thanks for this informative article about pillows. I have had allergies and back problems for years, and I have never considered what role a pillow might play in it all. I have since tossed out all my old pillows and bought two new ones – at $50 apiece. I would never have made this purchase without your article’s prompting. The good news? I’m sleeping (and breathing) better than ever, which makes this the best hundred bucks I’ve ever spent. Thanks a million!

Ryan G. Van Cleave
Sarasota, Florida

  • Jackie

    I just saw my first issue of the Saturday Evening Post was an old issue: July/August 2009. I really enjoyed reading it from front to back. I also tried to locate the article on pillows but could not archive it can you help? Thanks for your time. I have allergies and my son has pillows so old – you can’t evem imagine – I’d like to show him the article. Thanks.

  • Peachy

    Can’t locate the article which I’d like to read; also what is the name of the recommended pillow?

  • Deanna Thompson

    What is the name of the pillows and where can they be purchased?

  • Shirley Laemont

    What is the name of the pillows and where can they be purchased?

  • marianne baxter

    for petes sake what is the name of the pillows

  • Tina King

    My aunt read the above comment about the article “Pillow Talk” and asked me if I could find out what kind of pillows this article mentioned. Is there any way that I can get a copy of that article or the kind of pillows that was mentioned for my aunt without subscribing to the magazine. Nothing against your magazine – in fact, I truly enjoy reading it but I am a single woman on a single income. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.