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The Collector’s Corner

Published: July 2, 2009

“Some people have been kind enough to call me a fine artist. I’ve always called myself an illustrator. I’m not sure what the difference is. All I know is that whatever type of work I do, I try to give it my very best. Art has been my life.” —Norman Rockwell

Defining the everyday mannerisms of American culture, Norman Rockwell collectibles carefully narrate classic slice-of-life moments—illustrations destined to live forever as a reminder of our nation’s values, celebrations, and cherished traditions.

Thousands of souvenirs and novelties have been manufactured as Norman Rockwell keepsakes, but few are as extraordinary as these select fine art collectibles in which art lovers and Rockwell fans will forever hold dear.

Brilliant three-dimensional display of one of Rockwell's greatest images.<br />© SEPS, All Rights Reserved. Photo courtesy of Crystal Sensations

© SEPS, All Rights Reserved. Photo courtesy of Crystal Sensations.

A New Dimension of Art

Norman Rockwell’s widely popular Triple Self-Portrait takes on a new dimension of fine art when laser technology and complex 3D modeling along with the skillful eye of an artist come together to create an unusual masterpiece. This 53-pound crystal demands the precision of an elite artist to create depth perception and define its use of space—challenges which are unmatched in other art forms.

The crystal sculptures are produced by Crystal Sensations, world renowned for their ability to interpret high-quality laser engraved images within crystal. Only 250 crystals of this size will be created and licensed through Curtis Publishing Company.

These hand-cut wooden puzzles feature unique, circular patterns<br />© SEPS, All Rights Reserved. Photo courtesy of X-Man Puzzles

These hand-cut wooden puzzles feature unique, circular patterns.© SEPS, All Rights Reserved. Photo courtesy of X-Man Puzzles.

Puzzling Art

If you’ve ever been puzzled by art, master cutter Randy Crossman has come up with a fitting solution: one that encourages family interaction and evokes the familiar nostalgia of Rockwell’s classic characters. XMan Puzzles features more than 300 Saturday Evening Post covers, each with seven different exclusively licensed Norman Rockwell silhouettes cut into the puzzle’s unique circular pattern.

Crossman’s signatures puzzles include approximately 400 hand-cut pieces made from ¼-inch walnut plywood and deliberately patterned. Additionally, XMan Puzzles now offers museum quality frames to hang the completed puzzle for display. Each cover will be individually cut, numbered, and signed by Randy Crossman—a valuable addition to any personal collection.

These limited edition enamel boxes come with hand-painted reproductions of Rockwell's art.<br />© SEPS, All Rights Reserved. Photo courtesy of Garland Holmes

These limited edition enamel boxes come with hand-painted reproductions of Rockwell’s art.© SEPS, All Rights Reserved. Photo courtesy of Garland Holmes.

Gifts Today, Heirloom Tomorrow

Finding the perfect gift is never an easy task, which is why if you’re ever in doubt, stick with the classics—you can’t go wrong. Garland Holmes Collections’ Norman Rockwell Halcyon Days Enamels are on our list of favorite collectibles, as they not only represent America’s best-loved artist and illustrator, but the hand-painted limited editions are promised to be passed down from generation to generation.

The most recognizable collection, Rockwell’s interpretation of The Four Freedoms, will stir emotion in any patriotic soul with the meticulously reproduced Freedom from Want, Freedom from Fear, Freedom of Worship, and Freedom of Speech.

Everyone has their favorite Rockwell illustration—whether it’s a reminder of times past or a reflection of one’s self—these keepsakes will be cherished and admired with a personal sentiment unlike any other. Notable classics include Rockwell’s Rosie the Riveter, Girl at the Mirror, 100 Years of Baseball, Runaway, and more. Proprietors David and Kathy Garland Holmes plan to expand the offerings of Rockwell’s most beloved scenes, welcoming the feedback and suggestions of interested buyers.

About the Founders
David, an electrical engineer, resigned from a successful 25-year career to spend more time with his wife, Kathy. Together, they passionately pursue their love of fine art as exclusive retailers of select merchandise. They’re Web site, garland-holmes.com, continues to grow—offering gifts today, heirlooms tomorrow.

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  • Beth madding

    My family has several N.R. Collectors plates and bells. My aunt has many on her own and is a delima where she is needing to find a buyer…
    Where can we find a serious collector/buyer

  • Peter O'Hearn

    I aquired an “old” Saturday Night Post with a page under glass in an oak frame from an old tavern that was being torn down. The cartoon was of a small boy on his rear end on roller skates with a girl watching. The date on this page showed September 25th 1912 and the ident under the cartoon was “The Belled Buzzard”- by Irvin S.Cobb.
    Is there anywhere in the Ottawa,Canada area that I can take it to get a bit more information about originality etc.
    Thanking you in advance

  • Elizabeth Beall

    I have inheirted a collection of about 125 or more old ranging from 02/08/64-02/1987 Saturday Evening Post, is there anybody that would be intrested in buying these magazines

  • tambabe

    i have the one with the very first add of the snow white and the sever dwarfs the cover has the christmas scene on the cover any idea which one i have and its worth

  • John Dark

    My wife and I have a book of norman rockwell tjhe sat evening post 1943 -to 1971 does this book have any value

  • Brnda

    I have 332 Saturday Evening Post covers covering ’55-’62. Not all are Rockwells, of course. Is there any market for these?

  • Kathy

    I have The Saturday Evening Post Winter 1973 magazine in excellent condition. I can’t find it on the web for it’s value, It has four boys and a dog on a sled going down a snow bank, also a Norman Rockwell 1991 Engagement Book/Calendar never used,also The Saturday Evening Post Norman Rockwell Book, and several other Norman Rockwell books. Can you please tell me where I can find the value for my items. Thank you

  • David Clarke

    I have just rescently purchased a globe with a placque stating The Saturday Evening Post, Norman Rockwell, Dec 4,1926, “Santa at the Globe”.
    I would be interested in any information you could provide relating to this item. The base holding the globe does not have any manufacturer markings and is very similar in size and shape to the one in the painting.

  • Virginia Nodhturft

    Can you tell me the date and any other trivia bits about Norman Rockwell’s painting “The Collector.”