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Vacation, Country Style

Published: July 4, 2009

No bell to tell me when to rise,
Hunger alone to bid me eat,
No textbook but the storied skies,
No traffic but the silent feet
Of squirrels and chipmunks as they pass,
Scurrying across the grass.

Dusks to watch a rising star,
Dawns to hear the munching flock,
Freedom from prodding calendar,
Respite from propulsive clock,
And time to say a word of praise
For a few uncharted days.

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  • Jesuit

    To be, for a time, almost rid of modern-day regimentation is always liberating–for both body and spirit.
    Thanks, Bessie.

  • jeanne m verity

    My vacation starts soon, I can’t wait for all of those wonderful days, the poem describes it beautifully.