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Contemplative Blossom

Published: August 15, 2009
Sitting in silence for an hour,
I watched the petals of a flower
Unfold, the fragile tissue slowly
Opening till the heart lay wholly
Golden and perfect in the light.
Perhaps instructed by the sight,
Within my mind a bud of thought
Loosened and from a hard green knot
Uncurled in consciousness, full-blown‚
A latent truth I long had known.
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  • Loretta Donovan

    Her poetry entranced me as a teenager. My favorite is “October” of which I only recall the opening lines:
    October is somber, and yet she’s serene
    Late burning, she’s yearning for what might have been . . .

    Does anyone know where I can find the entire verse?

  • John L. Hannah

    I read her poetry as a youth in the ‘Post. This elegant expression of contemplation probably shows why I enjoyed it so much.. I almost memorized her poem about the summer hotel, But not quite. Anyone know where I can find it? My bucket rope is getting pretty short.

  • James

    A very clever and creative piece.

  • Jesuit

    Nicely done. Beauty, perception and craft.
    The poet’s name is one I have encountered. Searching the memory banks.