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Metformin and Glucose Levels

Published: August 24, 2009

To E.W.: The hemoglobin A1c level indicates a person’s average blood glucose over the prior three months. It is a better measure of glucose control than a finger stick test that measures glucose at one specific time. In general, taking metformin lowers one’s A1c level. Side effects of metformin may include GI upset, headache, and weakness. Patients with kidney, liver, or heart problems may experience a rare but serious condition called lactic acidosis. Controlling your blood sugar is important. I would not recommend stopping your medication without further conversation with your doctor.

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  • Bill Grigsby

    I ceased taking metformin at the recommendation of my cardioligist and have made a concentrated effort to control my blood sugar levels by diet. By avoiding breads, meats and deserts, I have been able to keep blood sugar levels lower than when I was taking medication.. I eat mostly fresh fruits and vegetables and fish and some whole grain products.