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What to Do When Walking Provokes Chest Pain

Published: October 22, 2009

Q: I have shortness of breath and chest pain when walking up stairs or on streets with an incline. A cardiologist in the emergency room said my heart seemed fine. Any ideas?

A: I am concerned about your symptoms during walking up a flight of stairs or on streets with an incline. At the very least, I would recommend you consult a cardiologist and undergo a stress test to see if any abnormalities are provoked.

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  • Corncern forself

    I experience a great 30 minute workout, then either experience tightness in chest if I exceed or bending over or from an incline. I’ve had a stress test and was given an inhaler. The inhaler is only used when I workout outside. It worked at fist but I’m back with experiencing the same pressure/tightness as before. Should I go back for other options? I don’t want to get away from my workouts

  • Eric

    I have the same symtoms, plus spiting up a small amount of blood. The problem for me is a restricted valve in my heart which causes back pressure, which pumps water on to my lungs, the Doctor can hear the water with his stythescope (excuse spelling) there are tablets you can take to drive the water out it takes 2-4 days then you wil be clear for a while. So go see your Dr and let him listen to your lungs.

  • tricia

    I am having chest pain and shortness of breath when walking up the stairs but I am fine when I walk my dog?