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Warning on Halloween

Published: October 24, 2009

Whoever rings my doorbell
Might as well roam;
I won’t be there with cookies,
I won’t be home
Counting out new pennies
To thin ghosts and stout,
Polishing apples.
I’ll be out!
If you see a small ghost
Strolling up the street,
Somewhat uncertain in
His too-big sheet,
Not knowing whether
To run or to stand,
That’s the first member
Of a new ghost band.
And if you see a worried witch
Trying hard to be
Good ghost company
For a spoon of three,
That’s me!

October 26, 1946, The Saturday Evening Post

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  • Dale Mills

    please advise on how I can read a story by Tait Trusselll about his dog Bean.