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The Black Widows

Published: February 16, 2010

In Chappaqua, a hamlet just outside of New York City, two elderly widows keep house. Despite looking like grandmothers who have nothing more important to do than mop the kitchen floor, the two women originally from Afghanistan and Palestine are not who they seem.

From a back room in a small secondhand bookstore attached to their house, Mrs. Abramowitz and Mrs. Silverman control the Black Widows, a worldwide terrorist organization created with a dual purpose—to wage a personal vendetta and destabilize the Western world. When Zach Dayan, a NYPD detective and former Israeli policeman, takes on the case, he is challenged by a series of apparently random, horrific murders with the same brutal chest slashings. He seeks help from his ex-girlfriend and expert pathologist, Dr. Jayanti Joshi. After examining the hearts, Dr. Joshi quickly discovers the common thread of the murders, but unfortunately, the clue leads nowhere.

Zach’s search for the murderer leads him to the hidden caves of Petra, an impenetrable ancient desert city, where he is soon swept into the bowels of an evil plot as he tries to save the Western world from another Holocaust.

To read a preview of the first chapter and order the book, visit dougzipes.com.

Douglas P. Zipes, M.D.

A contributing editor to The Saturday Evening Post magazine Dr. Doug Zipes has published over 800 medical articles and 21 books that have sold thousands of copies in multiple languages. He is also editor-in-chief of HeartRhythm, the Heart Rhythm Society’s official journal. He lives in Indianapolis.

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