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Classic Covers: Dieting Through the Years

Published: February 20, 2010

Unlike Jackie Gleason, the poor guy on Dick Sargent’s 1954 cover didn’t even make it to the second day of his diet. While his son chows down on a hearty stack of pancakes, Mr. Portleigh (as Post editors dubbed him) sticks to juice and coffee. His buddy at lunch is not helping either, scarfing down spaghetti while Mr. P declines a pat of butter from the waitress. The Mrs. is trying to help by serving an apple for dessert that evening (don’t you love the enthusiasm on her husband’s face?) while Junior, unsympathetic as ever, enjoys a thick slab of cake. By the light of the crescent moon, however, Mr. Portleigh makes a night raid on the fridge. At least he tried. Sort of.

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