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“Lazarus”: The Expanded Version

Published: February 23, 2010

Feb. 23, 2010

Dear Readers,

The Saturday Evening Post recently announced its exclusive partnership with the internationally respected Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition, publishing an expanded version of 2009’s winning story, “Lazarus,” by Gregory Loselle, in our January/February 2010 printed issues.

It came to the attention of our staff today that, unfortunately, through a technical error, an unedited, incorrect, expanded version of “Lazarus” had been posted on our Web site. That version of the winning story has been removed from our site, and we encourage our readers to enjoy Mr. Loselle’s final, expanded version of “Lazarus” in its full glory here.

The Saturday Evening Post offers its sincerest apologies to Lorian Hemingway, Gregory Loselle, and you, our readers, for this regrettable mistake. The Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition (www.shortstorycompetition.com), in its 30th year, supports and encourages the efforts of emerging writers of short fiction, some of whom have gone on to win extremely notable awards. The Saturday Evening Post is privileged to be in partnership with the competition and looks forward to continuing to serve as the exclusive magazine publisher of the competition’s winning story each year—just one of the ways the Post will maintain its role as the leader in finding the next great American fiction writers.


The Saturday Evening Post Staff

Read the expanded version of “Lazarus” by Gregory Loselle.

For more information on The Lorian Hemingway Competition go to www.shortstorycompetition.com.

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  • Steve George

    Jim–Thanks so much for your comment and question. In fact, we’ve been publishing new fiction for several issues now and will continue to do so (while occasionally spotlighting stories from our archives as well). The fiction selection from our March/April issue, “Pea-Green Boat,” is available here. In our May/June issue, we’ll feature “Cutaway,” a short story from novelist Jennifer Haigh. Look for it on sale the first week of May. Thanks again! –scg

  • Jim Roxbury

    Will you be publishing new fiction and poetry or no? Seems like you should, but also seems like you don’t want to or are not sure. Why? Why not? Would like a good honest editorial on this topic. Will the SEP become relevant to mainstream literature again, or will it not?