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Readers Talk About Dry Eyes, Leg Pain, and Hearing Loss

Published: March 1, 2010

In the Jul/Aug 2009 issue, Rose M. 
requested help for leg pain. Connie Sanders reports that her burning pain disappeared 
after eliminating processed foods containing 
added sugars from her diet and cutting back on corn, which naturally contains sugar.

In the Nov/Dec 2009 issue, Shirley H. (who has worn hearing aids for many years) 
wondered why her own voice has started sounding gravelly to her, and she’s finding it hard to sing on key. Since then, other readers have reported similar problems. Bill W., writes that doctors believe his garbled hearing may be related to x-ray treatments he received as a child for 
earaches, a then common procedure.

In the Jan/Feb 2010 issue, Helen M. asked about treatments to relieve dry eye. Virginia E., reports that taking an omega-3 supplement has done wonders for her. She also uses TheraTears nutrient and eye drops on occasion. Ralph B., discovered that his problem basically disappeared after switching from a facial tissue with added moisturizers to the plain variety to dab his weeping eyes.

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