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Classic Covers: March Winds

Published: March 20, 2010

The March winds blow! Artist John Falter went to a small town in the Midwest for this 1952 cover of big storm brewing. The trees are practically bending over, a woman and child are rushing to get the laundry off the line and a man is putting up the top on his car (quickly!). The panic even seized the white dog in the foreground, who just rears his head back and howls.

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  • Frank James Davis

    March blows in, cooling already chilly surroundings. Difficult to categorize, it simultaneously serves as wake for Old Man Winter and blustery harbinger to Spring.
    If it were a color, this surly month would surely be gray. Defying global warming, March enters like a lion and, often, goes out the same way; a trying, necessary–ultimately rewarding–passage.

  • jonibee

    It’s funny how a picture can remind us of our past, I can certainly remember how the wind sometimes would howl and blow throwing a fright into me..