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Classic Covers: Kentucky Derby Fashion Tips

Published: April 30, 2010

This clever cover is from 1937, showing not only a pretty gal, but also the horses through her binoculars. Long before most of us were old enough to know what a horse was (let alone a mint julep), Post cover girls were dazzling us with their chapeaus. Kentucky Derby ladies: eat your hearts out!

Woman in Huge Hat – Kimball – 2/8/1908

A woman wearing a huge hat.

Woman in Huge Hat
by Alonzo Kimball
February 8, 1908

This pretty lady was quite a standout in 1908, with a hat large enough to serve as shade for three. This one must have required several hatpins to secure.

Woman in Plumed Hat, Chin in Hand – Harrison Fisher – 1/18/08

Woman in Plumed Hat, Chin in Hand
by Harrison Fisher
January 18, 1908

Harrison Fisher was an artist who graced many Post covers with lovely ladies. This hat requires a profile view for best effect. One wonders what poor bird(s) suffered for this work of art. Well, they say beauty has its price.

Woman in Paisley Turban – Harrison Fisher – 5/21/10

Woman in Paisley Turban
by Harrison Fisher

There are dozens of Post “hat ladies” to choose form, but we couldn’t resist this gorgeous paisley turban. This was also painted by artist Harrison Fisher. We love the color reproduction for 1910.

Women and Dog in Auto – Harrison Fisher – 11/25/11

Women and Dog in Auto
by Harrison Fisher
November 25, 1911

Let’s home that fancy motor car doesn’t get up too much speed! Somewhere between glamorous and…well, crazy, these hats make a fashion statement…of some kind. Luckily there was still room in the car for the dog.

Coffee and Conversation – Harrison Fisher – 1/20/12

Coffee and Conversation
by Harrison Fisher
January 20, 1912

Artist Harrison Fisher must have done some serious hat shopping. In “Coffee and Conversation” from 1912, this lady’s headgear is bound to turn some heads. We kind of see Lady Gaga going for this one.

Lady in Wide Brim Hat Holding Tea Cup – Penrhyn Stanlaws – 3/24/28

Lady in Wide Brim Hat Holding Tea Cup
by Penrhyn Stanlaws
March 24, 1928

Thank goodness for Derby Ladies! Where else can we drool over these beautiful hats these days? Such as this simply elegant cover from 1928. We found her at the Curtis Publishing website under the appropriate category of “Glamour”. Reprints of Saturday Evening Post covers are available are available at Curtis Publishing, and these stunning covers would be stylish indeed!

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  • Sammie Justesen

    Oh, this brings back memories of my mother’s lovely hats — stored in special boxes and wrapped in tissue paper. My hats consist of baseball caps with different logos. How times have changed!

  • Janet Garritano

    Can you imagine how heavy some of those hats had to be?? Maybe the one lady had to lean on her elbow to hold her head up! Love the Lady GaGa reference!!!