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Be Careful with Coumadin

Published: July 29, 2010

Warfarin (Coumadin), a prescription drug used to 
prevent blood clots, saves countless lives. However, many drugs and supplements (even common pain 
medicines like aspirin and ibuprofen) can intensify its anti-clotting effect and put patients at risk of excessive bleeding. When Coumadin therapy is indicated, give your doctor—and your pharmacist—a comprehensive list of your prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines, and herbal and dietary supplements, including vitamins. At each medical and dental visit, be certain the health care provider is aware that you are on Coumadin. As an extra precaution, also ask the pharmacist to double-check for any drug interactions when filling new 
prescriptions or picking up refills. Never stop taking 
Coumadin without first talking to your doctor.

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  • Ron White

    In the May/June 2011 issue the “From the Pharmacy” column has a paragraph about “follow the colors to avoid Plavix dosing errors”. I believe that you should immediately post a correction to this column. I think you have confused generic
    Coumadin dosages and colors with Plavix. In fact, if Coumadin replaced Plavix in your column as written, the information would be correct. Thanks. Ron