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Classic Covers: Dogs Hate School!

Published: August 28, 2010

If there’s anything I’ve learned from studying hundreds of magazine covers for the Post and Country Gentleman, a sister publication, it is that dogs hate school! If you’re bummed about returning to school, you’re not the only one.

Dog Waiting for Somebody by Robert C. Kauffmann

Dog Waiting for Somebody by Robert C Kauffmann

Dog Waiting for Somebody
Robert C Kauffmann
September 10, 1938

Watching, watching…when is that door going to open and reveal my buddy? This Robert C. Kauffmann painting is one of my favorite dog covers, and we have decades and decades of dog covers. How long that sweet mutt is going to stare at the door, nobody knows, but best friends are loyal.

Faithful Friends by Alan Foster

Faithful Friends by Alan Foster

Faithful Friends
Alan Foster
September 14, 1929

These guys have been at it longer; they’re at least sitting down and waiting. If they’re teaching them something useful like fishing or stick-throwing in there, we could understand, but what’s taking so long? Artist Alan Foster did thirty Post covers in the years 1923-1933.

Patient Friend by Norman Rockwell

Patient Friend by Norman Rockwell

Patient Friend
Norman Rockwell
June 10, 1922

Speaking of fishing…the pole is ready, the bait is read, Rover is ready. So why can’t Tommy come out and do it already? But nooo, he’s stuck at his desk in this stupid school reading a stupid book. And he doesn’t even look like he wants to be there. Maybe if I lift my paw and look pathetic enough… This is one of ten Saturday Evening Post covers Rockwell did in 1922, along with two Country Gentleman covers, along with whatever ad work and other art assignments he was had. I’ve often wondered when the man slept.

School Bus by Stevan Dohanos

School Bus by Stevan Dohanos

School Bus
Stevan Dohanos
September 2, 1944

“Dear Editor: I know this may be a stretch, but I have a special request. I am looking for an issue of your magazine from September 2, 1944. It is special to me because I am the Boy Scout in the painting by Stephen Dohanos. His son was a pal of mine and, in the 6th grade, I was asked to pose in my scout uniform. I think I got paid $10! Plus I spent the night at his house and had a great time. I can still remember the shoot.” This e-mail from a couple of years ago was signed “George”. We’re glad George enjoyed the shoot, because the dogs are clearly not enjoying having their pals carted away in that big yellow thing.

Math Problems by Henry Hintermeister

Math Problems by Henry Hintermeister

Math Problems
Henry Hintermeister

The Country Gentleman
September 1, 1936

If there’s one thing dogs hate more than school, it’s homework – or at least math homework. If nothing else, Rover can provide moral support. Artist Henry Hintermeister certainly wasn’t a household name, but he did at least sixteen Country Gentleman covers, all terrific ones, of kids.

School’s Out by Ray C. Strang

Schools Out by Ray C Strang

School&rquot;s Out
Ray C. Strang
The Country Gentleman
June 1, 1930

If there’s one thing about school dogs love, it’s when Billy gets off that bus! We should all have a welcoming committee like this one. Love the pastels in this painting. And dig that 1930 school bus in the background.

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  • Phil Bickel

    I love the Brittany, not a better dog for any kid, even 55 year olds like me.

  • Melody

    Some things never change. Like a dogs faithfulness to his master!!!

  • john hauer

    Every boy (and girl) should have a dog.