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Shivers’ Panatela Cigars, 1910

Here’s something you don’t see advertised these days: genuine Cuban cigars. The ad from Herbert D. Shivers offers: “I will, upon request, send fifty Shivers’ Panatela Cigars on approval to a reader of The Saturday Evening Post, express prepaid. He may smoke ten cigars and return the remaining forty at my expense if he is not pleased with them; if he is pleased, and keeps them, he agrees to remit the price, $2.50, within ten days.” As he said himself, this “is as fair and liberal a proposition as I know how to make.”

[Someone asked Mark Twain how much he paid for cigars. Twain replied, “Sixty years ago they cost me four dollars a barrel, but my taste has improved, latterly, and I pay seven now. Six or seven. Seven, I think. Yes, it’s seven. But that includes the barrel.”]

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