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The Original Scientology Exposé

Published: February 8, 2011

This week, Scientologists around the world are celebrating the birthday of L. Ron Hubbard, born 101 years ago. Here at the Post, we are also marking the date, as a time to revisit our 1964 feature on the author and Scientology founder.

We dusted off this story just last year, when the New Yorker published an extensive investigation and caught our eye with this tidbit: “Hubbard had boasted that Scientology had raised some people’s I.Q. one point for every hour of auditing. ‘Our most spectacular feat was raising a boy from 83 I.Q. to 212,’ he told the Saturday Evening Post, in 1964.”

This article may well be the first in-depth investigation of Scientology, complete with quotes directly from Hubbard himself. And you won’t want to miss the photo of Hubbard’s soup-can E-meter.

Download this article as a PDF“Have You Ever Been a Boo Hoo?” by James Phelan, March 21, 1964.

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  • G Allen

    @Frank James Davis I don’t read you here. If you are saying that Scientology and psychoanalysis are an either/or proposition you are most certainly wrong. The big differences between psychoanalysis and Scientology is the former does not make any outlandish claims of certainty, it publishes results and does not keep its processes a deep dark secret. Psychology is also not in the habit of attacking and harassing critics.

    Scientology has done all of the above plus; covered up bungling which has gotten people very dead. Abused children systematically as part of their “religious scripture.” They have attempted to take over a number of governments, spied and infiltrated the US government. Members repeatedly purger themselves in court as a matter of “religious doctrine.” They force people to sign lifetime service contracts under duress. Then keep people, (including small children) abused and terrorized to keep them under control. People at the very top of the organisation succumb to a strange form of management control vie powerful slaps to the face. There is no peer review, no testing and no criticizer is allowed.

    Comparing Psychology with Scientology is like comparing an apple with an aardvark. Sure they both start out with the letter ‘A,’ but they could not be more different.

  • Frank James Davis

    Because a large number of people claim that something is true, hardly makes it so–undoubtedly, as to Scientology and, more than likely, regarding psychoanalysis.