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Stress Relief

Published: May 20, 2011

We all know the havoc that stress and anxiety can heap on our bodies. Here’s clinical psychologist Dr. Gardere’s prescription for a mental makeover to sidestep stress for better health:

  1. Pinpoint the cause—Keep a stress journal. Write down the times you’ve been stressed and the associated emotion. Take note of these triggers and make a point to eliminate them from your life. Click here to assess your stress online.
  2. Control what you can—Turn off the news when it is overwhelming and stop answering emails after dinner-time. Prioritize your to-do list and eliminate the items that belong on someone else’s plate.
  3. Learn to say “NO”—Whether in your personal or professional life, taking on too much is a sure way to raise stress. Set your limits and stick to them.
  4. Build healthy habits—Exercise several times a week, eat well, and get the sleep that you need.

Dr. Gardere also suggests Philip Stein wristwatches featuring Natural Frequency Technology (a combination of low frequency waves like those generated by the earth) to improve sleep and reduce stress. The timepieces aren’t cheap—$400 and up—and scientific proof is still inconclusive, but who knows? For some, a good night’s sleep just might be worth the investment.

If you wear one of these watches, post your experience here.

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  • Keith

    I am glad to read that someone is finally telling people that it is ok to just say “No” to taking on more stress. Too often, organizations do not know how to take “no” for an answer and that just adds to the stress. The other points are good also, but that is the main one. Bravo.

  • Frank James Davis

    By Frank James Davis

    Offered to avoid the soul wracked by strife,
    these words give guidance helpful to one’s life:
    Guilt is a burden that will never slow
    those who are living all the truth they know.