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Free Tech Tools for Health

Published: June 4, 2011

The help you need to take charge of diabetes, stop smoking, and be safe in the sun is just a click away. Tell us your favorite app for living well!

Here are some digital freebies to stop smoking, protect your skin, and live well with diabetes:

Clear the Air: Are you ready to quit smoking and willing to share the good, the bad, and the ugly about your experience? If so, the National Cancer Institute invites you to Smokefree Women, an interactive community for women who want to get (and stay) smokefree.

Skin Savers: Look up your UV Index online, download My UV Check to your Mac or PC, or get the Sun Alert Lite iTunes app.

Diabetes On the Go: Track and send glucose readings, medication records, and food intake to your health care provider with Diabetes Log for iPhones and OnTrack Diabetes for Droid. The American Diabetes Association and websites like dlife offer videos, message boards, news, and tips on food and fitness.

Tell us your favorite apps and website to keep you looking—and feeling—good!

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  • Carl Kohlmeyer

    Walking 5 miles aday and watching food intake (no red meat)makes weight control easy keeps coletoral in line (both good and bad) and keeps cardiovacular
    problems away. Also keep imune system in great shape