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Classic Covers: The Art of the Haircut

Published: June 25, 2011

“Woman Gets Bob at Barbershop” – E.M. Jackson

Woman Gets Bob at Barbershop by  E.M. Jackson

"Woman Gets Bob at Barbershop"
E.M. Jackson
Country Gentleman January 17, 1925

Females these days think they can waltz into a man’s territory and get their hair bobbed! What next? In this case the cover is from Country Gentleman (a sister publication to the Post) from 1925. Waiting impatiently (notice the pocket watch) is a disapproving customer.

“Couple in Barber Chairs” – E.M. Jackson

Couple in Barber Chairs by E.M. Jackson

"Couple in Barber Chairs"
E.M. Jackson
May 10, 1930

The same artist, E.M. Jackson, did this charming cover for the Post five years later. Seems as though they’re examining their new dos, but look at their mirrors. They’re checking each other out!

“Bernice Bobs Her Hair” – Coles Phillips

Bernice Bobs Her Hair by Coles Phillips

"Bernice Bobs Her Hair"
Coles Phillips
November 6, 1920

Alas, this lovely lass is having haircut remorse. Artist Coles Phillips worked mostly for Life magazine, but a few of his lithe beauties graced the covers of The Saturday Evening Post.

“Comical Haircut” – Howard Scott

Comical Haircut by Howard Scott

"Comical Haircut"
Howard Scott
February 27, 1943

Talk about haircut remorse! Really, the client can get carried away with comics, but the barber is another matter altogether. The style and humor of this 1943 cover suggests Norman Rockwell, but it was by an artist named Howard Scott. However, this was the issue that introduced Rockwell’s famous Four Freedoms paintings.

“Barber Getting Haircut” – Stevan Dohanos

Barber Getting Haircut by Stevan Dohanos

"Barber Getting Haircut"
Stevan Dohanos
January 26, 1946

Stevan Dohanos was a great artist who did over 120 Post covers, and this was his barbershop in Westport, Connecticut. “A half dozen other well-known illustrators get their hair cut” in this shop, the editors noted, “which will surprise a good many, who might suppose that a barber in an artist’s colony would starve to death.” How would the local barbers like the cover, speculated our sassy editors? “Dohanos’ next haircut will tell.”

“Butch’s Haircut” – Albert Staehle

Butch’s Haircut by Albert Staehle

"Butch’s Haircut"
Albert Staehle
January 31, 1948

For us kiddies who don’t remember the 40s, let me explain something: This adorable cocker spaniel named Butch appeared on about 25 Saturday Evening Post covers. Readers couldn’t wait to see what the pooch would be up to next. The artist, Albert Staehle, got the idea for this cover from a little girl in the park. “I have a picture on my wall of a dog just like that,” she said. “He is chewing on a slipper.” The artist explained that this was the same dog. “The dog in the picture is neat,” the little art critic observed. “This dog is all rough on top.” Unperturbed, the artist said, “Well, maybe Butch needs a haircut.” The rest is Saturday Evening Post history.

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