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Cartoons: Life’s Little Irritants

Published: August 8, 2011

“Construction Next 57 Years”

From Mar/Apr 1998

I found this one in a 1998 issue of the Post and thought, “finally, a sign that tells the truth.” Fifty-seven years sounds about right.

“Somebody’s having a bad day.”

From Jul/Aug 2002

That exasperating drive home through eternal road construction was probably preceded by a day of battling the computer at work. When the computer says “BYTE ME”, you know you’re in for a bad day. Don’t you hate a snippy electronic device?

“I got this feeling I know who’s gonna be the employee of the month.”

from Jan/Feb 2007

From Jan/Feb 2007

Not to mention dealing with this guy at work. The rest of us are barely awake, sipping coffee in our “TGIF” T-shirts and Mr. Brown (nose) here is bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and enthusiastic. Yes, I said enthusiastic. What is wrong with some people? And a TGIM T-shirt! No wonder the rest of us are so testy.

“Of course I want to buy stocks from a complete stranger who interrupted my dinner.”

from Jul/Aug 2002

From Jul/Aug 2002

There should not be OUTSIDE irritants INSIDE the home. The home is your sacred space, your castle—the place where you can get snarky with telemarketers.

“I remember the good old days when all of the embarrassing TV commercials were about women.”

from Sept/Oct 2002

From Sept/Oct 2002

Ah, the good old days, back when you could enjoy TV with the kids and hear all about the most absorbent sanitary products for the fairer sex. But Women’s Lib has caught up and now men get to be embarrassed by ads for prostate medication and erectile dysfunction. Progress is a wonderful thing!

“He’s clean … but do you think we should tell him about the enlarged prostate?”

from Sept/Oct 2010

From Sept/Oct 2010

TSA screenings. Enough said.

“It’s your turn to pick up the phone and say, ‘All our operators are busy: please stand by.’”

from Mar/Apr 1998

From Mar/Apr 1998

Finally, there is what may be today’s greatest misnomer: “Customer Service.” No more untrue words were ever spoken than “Your call is very important to us.” Even if the reps are just goofing off as this cartoonist suggests (which I honestly don’t believe), there is an upside: these reps speak English! Worth waiting for.

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  • Diana Denny

    To respond to Shirley’s question: there as no single cover illustrator in the 50’s. There was Rockwell, Falter, Hughes, Sargent, Sewell, Clymer and dozens of others.

  • shirley einbund

    Who was the cover illustrator in the ’50’s

  • Charles Neumann

    Very funny – and so true.

  • Paul W

    Sat evening post….yea good ones t .y PW

  • Dorothy Wormser

    “Heh Heh” to all of them!

  • Frank James Davis

    A thread of unmistakable cynicism runs through each one of these cartoons.
    Diana, you have such good taste.