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What’s Your Favorite James Bond Film?

Published: December 22, 2011

This year, Britain’s most dapper, charismatic spy turns 50, and his 23rd feature film Skyfall will be released in October. In honor of these two achievements, we are asking our readers to pick their favorite James Bond movie of all time.

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  • J Hawkins

    OHMSS the best of the Bonds. Movie was so undervalued when it came out but in recent years it has become a sort of ‘cult classic”.
    Best Bond Girl
    Best interpretation of Blofeld
    Good and believable plot
    Great Action sequences
    Brautiful cinematography
    First film to feature action on the ski slopes
    Very emotional film

  • Cathy

    Sean Connery is and always will be best Bond.

  • Shashi Ayer

    You missed one of the best Bond Parodies – “Bonditis”

  • Paul Kyriazi

    The biggest production with the best story. George Lazenby is handsome and athletic. It’s time Bond falls in love.