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Cartoons: The 1950s

Published: February 7, 2012

Ah, the 1950s—when cars had tail fins and being a female driver was a bad thing. Wives gabbed incessantly and husbands were unsociable grumps. Obviously, the ’50s stereotypes are not what we’d call politically correct today—we’ll let you judge if they still tickle your funny bone.

 “How’s the new car?” From February 21, 1959

"How’s the new car?"
From February 21, 1959

Did we really have to tell you the decade here?

“Now forward.” From January 2, 1954

"Now forward."
From January 2, 1954

Well, how else will you know when to stop?

“Good Heavens! It IS Herbert! From January 1, 1955

"Good Heavens! It IS Herbert!"
From January 1, 1955

There’s always a critic.

“Fred will be mighty sorry he missed you, Miss Vogleswinner.” From September 28, 1957

"Fred will be mighty sorry he missed you, Miss Vogleswinner."
From September 28, 1957

And she means that sincerely.

From April 1, 1950

From April 1, 1950

No extra charge for the knee shine.

From July 3, 1954

From July 3, 1954

This is a scene you’d really love to see three seconds later.

"Hope you'll excuse the service, sir. One of our men is home sick.” November 25, 1950

"Hope you'll excuse the service, sir.
One of our men is home sick."
November 25, 1950

Customer service is definitely not what it used to be.

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  • Fran Webb

    I love all the cartoons in your Saturday Evening Post. There are other articles are very interesting.
    When growing up my mother always subscribed to your magazine and I do too.

  • Mary A. Berger

    I love Charles’ comment, that men are still fair game for humor. We sometimes carry political correctness to the extreme. These cartoons are a riot. Keep ’em coming.

  • C. Darwin Sewell

    For an old Geezer like me it is refreshing to see the cartoons from an era when there were no curse words everyother word. Profanity ruins a joke or cartoon. I agree with Nora, there’s nothing like the good old days. Clean fun is what I like.

  • Charles Neumann

    Very funny cartoons. I must disagree with the comment that showing men as grumps is politicial incorrect. Men are still fair game for almost any humorous shot. And who can blame Herbert for helping burn the opera singer or Fred from hiding from an unwelcomed guest.

  • Nora Dalton

    Nothing like the old days.

  • Jo

    Politically what? Some of these are still happening! And still funny!

  • Ruth Wolf

    I got a kick out of rmembering how different life was back in the 50’s and beyond.
    I had just gotten out of high school in the middle of the 40’s and I was sure I
    knew everything. So it is fun to laugh at these cartoons and enjoy that time
    back there in the midst of a completely different environment. Thanks for sending
    it to me. I do appreciate it.