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From Our Archives: Big Boom in Outdoor Movies

Published: April 20, 2012

“In spite of TV, ‘ozone theaters’ are having their biggest year ever, with chicken dinners, rock-and-roll music, and other lures for the whole family.” So it was in 1956. Below, you can read the entirety of this ode to drive-in cinema.

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  • justin

    if the webpage admin/editor could help me out with my question, i would very much appreciate it. in the magazine “the saturday night evening post” may/june 2012 on page 16 they talked about a drive in theatre that was 29 acres, that would accomidate 2,500 cars and offered laundry service, chicken dinners, and free diapers….where is that located?!? and is it still open? im looking forward to your response!