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Remembering Sept. 11

Published: September 11, 2012

As we honor the victims of Sept. 11, we are also reminded how our country came together to stand as one.

The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule
by Norman Rockwell
April 1, 1961


We love Norman Rockwell’s 1961 Post cover, The Golden Rule, which reflects that same sentiment. Each person depicted in this illustration is one of Rockwell’s neighbors from Arlington, Virginia, and Stockbridge, Massachusetts. It represents the universal fact that all men, great or unknown, are members of one family.

After The Golden Rule appeared as a magazine cover, Rockwell was presented with the Interfaith Award from the National Conference of Christians and Jews, recognized for “his dedication to the highest ideals of amity, understanding, and cooperation among men.”

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  • Although the feature is short, it’s long in what it has to say, and says it all. This is one of Norman Rockwell’s finest covers ever, and has only come to be MORE timely over the decades.