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Button Snowmen Gift Tags

Published: December 19, 2012

Button Snowman Gift Tag

Recycle your buttons and scrap card stock into these easy snowmen gift tags!

Button Snowmen Gift Tags


  • Card stock paper: red, white, green
  • Double stick tape
  • Black felt (for hat)
  • Red string for snowman bow
  • 2 white buttons, one smaller for head/larger one for body, with only two holes


  • Scissors and or paper cutter
  • Optional: 2″ circle punch
  • Hole puncher
  • Tacky glue
  • White gel pen


  1. Cut white card stock into a 2 ½” square. With hole puncher, make a hole in corner. Pull string or ribbon through. Cut red card stock smaller than the white piece, and punch or cut a 2″ circle.
  2. With double stick tape, tape each piece in place.
  3. Cardstock for Button Snowman Gift Tag

  4. Cut a small black felt hat that fits the button you are using for the head.
  5. Tie a small red bow from string or ribbon.
  6. Using a smaller button for the snowman’s head, place the buttons on the green circle, turning the smaller button (head) so the two holes are sideways, and the holes on the larger button (body) go up and down. Glue in place with tacky glue. Then, glue on hat and small bow. With the white gel pen, draw stick arms and small hanging heart on the paper, next to the body button.
  7. materials for Button Snowman Gift Tag

    I think they are cute enough to hang on the Christmas tree, too!

    Button Snowman Gift Tag

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