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Smart Swaps for Salty Foods: How to Eat Less Sodium

Published: March 7, 2013

Grated Cheese

Subbing healthier options for salty favorites cuts back on sodium and can help your heart and blood vessels. Values are based on USDA and manufacturer websites.

  • Say “no” to croissants and “yes” to thin-sliced wheat bread.
    Sodium Savings: 324 mg per piece
  • Stock up on frozen veggies, not canned ones.
    Sodium Savings: 342 mg per cup green beans
Skip chicken labeled “enhanced with chicken broth” and purchase hens with no added salt and water.
    Sodium Savings: 180 mg per 4-ounce serving
  • Grate Swiss cheese over salads and pizza in favor 
of Parmesan.
    Sodium Savings: 377 mg per ounce
  • Buy reduced-sodium deli meats.
    Sodium Savings: 300 mg per 4-ounce serving of oven-roasted turkey
  • Check labels on breakfast cereal, soda, 
and ice cream for hidden sodium. (Versions of the same product can vary.)
    Sodium Savings: 214 mg per cup of Mini-Wheats versus Wheaties

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