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5-Minute Fitness: Planks for Core Strength

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Get stronger and stay motivated with simple moves designed for busy lifestyles. “Forget about complicated routines and get back to basic exercises like this one to work your chest, shoulders, and core,” says fitness expert and author Jackie Warner.


Up/Down Planks

  1. Get on floor in push-up position, supporting body with hands beneath shoulders and feet flexed so base of toes touch floor.
  2. Hold body in straight line from top of head to heels.
  3. Drop to right elbow.
  4. Drop to left elbow.
  5. Return to push-up position described in step 1.
  6. Repetitions: Start with 5 reps. Work up to 20 repetitions as you gain muscle control. If too difficult, start on elbows and feet. Then, hold for as long as comfortable.

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