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Barbra Streisand: A Star is Born

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“They tell me I’ll eventually win everything,” Barbra Streisand told the Post in this 1963 interview. “The Emmy for TV, the Grammy for records, the Tony on Broadway, and the Oscar for movies. It would be beautiful to win all those awards, to be rich, to have my name on marquees all over the world. And I guess a lot of those things will happen to me. I kind of feel that they will.”

After her debut (and Tony-nominated performance) in I Can Get It for You Wholesale, the Post interviewed the unlikely star who was rising to overnight fame. Fast-forward to today, and Streisand has 4 Emmys, a Tony Award, 10 Grammys, and 2 Oscars under her belt. And all of the global fame and riches her 21-year-old self had envisioned in our interview, “Good-Bye Brooklyn, Hello Fame.”

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